Creative Writing Workshops in Toronto


Let’s do this.

Every season we run a new suite of workshops in our beautiful Toronto studio. Some span months and some are just one day. Some are for absolute beginners and others are for seasoned writers. What they all share is encouragement, laughter, inspiration and a deep dedication to helping every participant realize their own creative power.

There are only seven participants in each one, so that means lots of time for connection, attention and deep listening. We laugh a lot, and we also go deep; there will be Kleenex!

We hope you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Beginner Workshops


Begin Here
A fun and easy creative writing workshop for absolute beginners


winter 2020 registration opens November 5

Keep Your Pen Moving
A wide-reaching workshop designed for beginner and seasoned writers.

fall 2019 Registration is FULL

winter 2020 registration opens november 5


Themed Workshops

Life Stories
A memoir writing class for anyone with stories in their heart

fall 2019 registration Is OPEN

Winter 2020 registration opens November 5

Exploring Our
Racialized Identities

A life story writing workshop exclusively for people of colour

fall 2019 Registration IS FULL

The Further Shore
A workshop designed to use writing to explore death, dying and loss.

fall 2019 Registration is full


Lift Off
A short class for anyone who wants to dive into the world of poetry

Winter 2020 Registration opens November 5

Stranger Horizons
A Speculative Fiction workshop devoted to creating otherworldly realities.

fall 2019 Registration is FULL

Tiny Worlds
A workshop on writing short fiction

fall 2019 registration is full

Winter 2020 registration opens November 5


Writing While the
World is on Fire

A workshop for folks who are working hard to change the world

registration TBA

Through My Eyes
A workshop for teenagers who want to express who they are

Registration TBA

From the Bedside
A safe space for healthcare professionals to write their untold stories

Registration TBA

Advanced Workshops

Rising Tides
A studio-style class for anyone who longs to lavish a writing project with attention

Fall 2019 Registration is FULL

Deeper Waters
A 12-week class for projects that are ready to go deep

winter 2020 Applications are open

The Big One
A 9-month-long writing journey

Fall 2019 Applications are now CLOSED

fall 2020 applications open june 2020

One Day Workshops


Exploring Our
Racialized Identities

A one-day life stories writing workshop for people of colour

winter 2020 Registration opens nov 5


A one-day writing workshop for people who identify as mothers

Registration TBA