Kind Words

Steph circle.png

I happened upon an ad for Firefly Creative Writing just as I was thinking about trying to find a writing course. What timing! The space Chris created was welcoming, warm, encouraging and fun! When I began I was self conscious about sharing my work, especially writing that was very personal, but the environment Chris created was one that allowed me to take more risks and to feel confident as I found my voice. Thank you!

Stephanie Moeser
Social Worker, Mom


This has been amazing. I never thought I would be doing what I’m doing here, much less have accomplished what I’ve accomplished. You have helped me to open and walk through so many doors and you have introduced me to a part of myself I thought I’d lost many years ago.

Ryan Baldwin
Software Developer and Surprised Writer

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The summer writing retreat was a safe space that let me shed my roles and responsibilities and just be present with everything within and around. I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to write words as they came, and to let thoughts and emotions express themselves into unplanned structures without my mind trying to contain or define them. I left the retreat smiling and exhilarated like having just spent a weekend with group of friends full of laughter, tears, warmth, sharing, creative sparks around the camp fire and vivacious storytelling.

Komal Rahim
IT Architect


What I loved about the memoirs class was the comfortable creative atmosphere. I loved meeting woman of different ages and backgrounds and getting to know them through the very intimate and very vulnerable experience of sharing our personal stories through creative writing. I felt encouraged and excited and I also felt capable, and through the thing that scares me the most (sharing my writing), I became less afraid. It was an incredibly nourishing eight months and I can’t wait for my next Firefly class to begin!

Wendy Breedon

Cassel1 circle.png

Chris has a radiance that transcends the physical. In the on-line class I took, her passion for her students’ progress coursed through the cyber lines so that we felt her support and her caring, allowing us to explore deeply. Clearly she LOVES writing and loves to share the experience with her students. I found myself acknowledging that love which made me a better writer and transformed me as a person. Chris offers (and is) what this world needs more of — genuine, sincere, and full of love. Open yourself to her calm, soothing voice and your creativity will soar.

Cassel Miles

Janet circle.png

What a fun, creative and productive class! Keep Your Pen Moving helped kick-start my writing, using practical and innovative exercises. Britt as a facilitator was bright, inviting, intuitive and supportive. Her enthusiasm in presenting new approaches to writing was wonderful. Her feedback was kind and useful. I always felt safe in sharing my pieces.

Janet Cawley

Shorey1 circle.png

Taking a course with Firefly is what gave me the push to pursue my writing dreams. I have been writing consistently since the course ended and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I actually FEEL like a writer now.

Shorey Andrews
Freelance Writer


Before meeting Chris, I had a binder full of journal notes and a few short stories that I wanted to form into a travel memoir book. Feeling overwhelmed, Chris immediately created a warm, supportive environment as we worked to clarify the overall theme and goals for the book. As a writing coach she had amazing insight and understanding of the creative process, and provided lots of encouragement during the long, bumpy road of writing and publishing my first book. I could not have accomplished this project without her support.

Vicki Alayne Bradley
Display Artist, Travel Writer

Salma circle.png

I was in a period when my body went cold. I had health problems, I was disconnecting from my work, I felt lost. I loved to write, but did not feel like a “real writer” and then I found Firefly advertised on the now-closed Women’s bookstore website. When I sat at Chris’s table I immediately felt solidarity with her. She is kind, fierce and an ally. With her encouragement, facilitation and wonderful teaching style she gave me the courage to write, grow and explore. These classes have given me a way to say my words out loud, meet other great writers and most importantly understand my capacity as a writer. They’ve has given me the space to write for many people, but most importantly because it makes me feel good.

Salma Fatima Saadi
Social Worker, Writer

Josie circle.png

Firefly team are a special breed of ‘home’ on so many levels. I’ve participated in workshops both in person and online and I have always felt the comforting and reassuring nudge into my creative self that I so desperately needed and wanted. Aside from the amazing environment and community that they foster, the Firefly coaches have helped me move forward from an unsure pen-abandoner to a writer with my own writing-related startup business. What a gift they have, to be able to bring writers back home to their creative souls.

Josie Elfassy
Co-owner, Magnetree Books


There are so many things to love about a Firefly course. One of my favorites is all of the possible ways into a story that the facilitators reveal, with exercises and laughter and kind feedback. Ideas are like seedlings, they grow in the right environment. This team fosters and celebrates diversity of voice. I’m a better writer for having taken this class, and I’m excited at what happens next.

Melanie Faith Campbell

Emmy circle.png

Writing was such an important part of my identity, but somehow it got lost in the fray of life. As the years passed, I started to notice that I didn’t just give up a potential career – I gave up my best coping mechanism. When I realized that I wanted to bring it back into my life, I got in touch with Firefly. I took the Memoirs class and over time, with great advice and inspiration, I started to write, and then I started to understand. Writing came back into my life as a tool for healing, and knowing. I’m so, so glad it’s back.

Emmanuelle Pantin
Co-Director, Community Story Strategies

Marieke circle.png

There’s some kind of magic that happens at a Firefly session. I haven’t quite figured out what it is. I just know that I go in to a Firefly class thinking I have nothing to say. Then I get my cue to write, and I still have nothing to say. But I put my pen to paper anyway, and by sheer force of will get it to move, slowly at first and then gradually picking up speed so that mere minutes later it seems I’ve created something out of nothing. I’m not sure how it happens, this conjuring, but it does, and it surprises me each and every time. Maybe it’s the baked things. Or the wonderful coaches. Or maybe it really is magic. Thanks for the magic, Firefly.

Marieke Meyer
Radio Producer, CBC

Alisha-Sommer circle.png

“Coming Home to Writing” is, by far, one of the best writing courses I’ve ever taken. There is something about this class and its structure that is special and unlike anything else I’ve experienced. The writing prompts pushed me into new material that I’d been avoiding.

Alisha Sommer
Writer, Mother, Freelance Creative


I wasn’t sure what to expect from this workshop and went in a little nervous, but I left feeling like spaces had opened up inside me that I never knew existed. Chris and her team did an extraordinary job. This workshop has done so much for my writing and the creative spark inside me. I can’t say enough good things about it!

Laura Baron