Firefly Support Staff
Job Call


Please note: Applications are now closed.

As Firefly has been slowly and steadily growing, we’ve started to need more practical help. This is the behind-the-scenes work like updating the website, keeping our studio stocked with poems in little envelopes, and copy editing newsletters. Chris, our director, would like to free up more time for big-picture operations. Bree, our office manager, would like to take a vacation without throwing the team into chaos. And Emma, who currently takes care of the studio, would like to move to Australia.

The perfect candidate will be focused, self-starting, big-hearted and almost obnoxiously well-organized. This is a person who loves to say, “I can take that off your hands” and adores finding efficient, thoughtful and beautiful ways to get things done. They are a wiz at tech systems and get genuine joy from striking small tasks off long lists. They will also be warm and friendly, easily able to create sincere exchanges with suppliers and the public, weaving the spirit and kindness of Firefly into everything they do.

This will also be a person who doesn’t need a ton of interpersonal stimulation to feel job satisfaction. This job involves a lot of solitude and repetitive tasks which will seem mundane to some. Our ideal candidate will totally dig that.

Finally, we’re looking for someone who knows in their deep bones that creative spaces are essential to building a better world, and who wants to take pride in being part of the tiny feel-good universe of Firefly Creative Writing.

Throughout this process, our commitment to diversity will be at the forefront. Candidates who contribute to the further diversification of our team are encouraged to apply, especially individuals who are often under-represented in Canada’s workforce because of race, national identity, neural diversity, education level, gender identity, physical ability, mental health, length of time spent unemployed, etc.

Key details:

~ The job is 17-25 hours per week, and will fluctuate depending on where we are in the workshop season. Hours will increase when Bree or Chris are on vacation, which will be arranged well in advance. Hours will likely increase slowly over time.
~ Most of the work will be done independently from home or elsewhere, and most hours will be set by the candidate, other than a weekly 2-5 hour trip to the studio and a daily email check.
~ This work will be performed on a contract basis.
~ Compensation starts at $22 an hour, with a raise to $25 after three months and potential to grow again after a year.
~ Applicants should be within commuting distance to our studio near Woodbine and Danforth.
~ While there will be some contact with the whole team, the candidate for this job will mainly be working independently and communicating with Chris and Bree.

Job components:

~ A weekly trip to the studio, preferably on a Sunday or Monday afternoon, to replenish stock levels, buy fresh flowers, and other tasks. Depending on the week this will take 3-6 hours.
~ Answering emails from the public, as delegated by Bree.
~ Keeping our website meticulously updated.
~ Basic invoicing.
~ Sending joyful (real) mail to scholarship donors and others as identified by the team.
~ Scheduling with team members for one-off events such as staff trainings, off-site workshops and promotional events.
~ Co-managing and running our social media streams — Instagram and Facebook — with Chris.
~ Copy editing newsleters, website copy and resources. (Can you spot the typo in this line?)
~ Seeking funding sources to help us do work with marginalized communities, and spreading the word about our corporate workshops.
~ Making and updating the posters in our window for upcoming classes and retreats.
~ Communicating with our suppliers to keep everything stocked, such as custom-brewed tea and bath salts and manuscript boxes.
~ Cutting up poems and putting them into little envelopes to give out to workshop participants.
~ Communicating with people who rent the studio — organizing contracts and waivers, giving them keys, showing them around.
~ Monthly studio tours for curious neighbours.
~ Keeping the studio, including our storage area, beautifully organized and uncluttered.
~ Being open to new jobs of all stripes as Firefly keep growing in its own creative and unpredictable ways.
~ Attending by-monthly team meetings and an annual team retreat.

Core skills:

~ A super-warm, friendly and professional communication style and email “voice”.
~ Prior knowledge of, or natural aptitude for, tech programs, especially Squarespace’s website, marketing and commerce platforms.
~ A knack for social media based communication.
~ A naturally fierce attention to details, especially when it comes to Chris’s phenomenal knack for typos.
~ An openness to taking direction, following instructions and asking lots of questions.
~ Along with that, an ability to work without a lot of supervision — to see what needs to be done and do it.
~ Great prowess in the “juggling lots of balls at once” department.

To apply:

Applications closed Sept 20th at midnight.